Jacob Stoebel


I am a software developer living in Berea, KY. I spend my days writing web applications (Ruby, JavaScript, Python), working with data, and leveling up as a software engineer. I work and study at Berea College. This is my blog.

I specialize in:

My projects

Berea College Advisor Dashboard

Example projects

I currently work for Berea College where I work with a small team to develop and manage an Advisor Dashboard for Education Studies. Berea's Education Studies department has a substantial regulatory obligation with both the state and federal government in terms of student performance. They need to keep a good deal of very complex data on logic on their students and faculty. When I began in this position, the department's "database" consisted of several unlinked spreadsheets and Access databases. It was clear the department need to graduate to something that could house all of our data in one place and represent their very complex business logic. Finding all of the commercially available products not specific enough to suit our departments needs, I set out to create a product perfectly tailored to address our goals. I researched the options and ultimately decided on Ruby on Rails. Several frameworks like Django, Flask and Node had their appeal (and I could have been perfectly happy with them too), but I ultimately landed on Rails for its strong documentation and community support. Also, Rails is highly opinionated about how it should be designed (convention over customization). While experienced developers might find this an impediment, I was a beginner when I started this project and found it an asset to be given a clear path on how to structure things. The project has provided me with a tremendous learning experience in building and maintaining software to address a real world problem.

Mountain Tech Media

Example projects

I am the Lead Software Developer with Mountain Tech Media a cooperative media and tech company. Recently I created a water donation app using Rails and D3 for Unify Water. Customers purchasing a bottle of water from Unify are invited to use this app to select where to donate a gallon of water to people in need. I also manage the application along with the company's main Wordpress site using Ansible.

My work with Mountain Tech Media has given me the valuable experience of working with team members and clients to produce reliable products that meet their needs.

Fullstack Javascript (MERN Stack + D3)

Example projects

In my spare time, I hack on projects at Freecodecamp. Freecodecamp's curriculum is full stack Javascript (React, D3, Node, MongoDB, D3). For example, checkout this poll app I made using React and MongoDB. Or this image search microservice, using Node and MongoDB. Or this heat map in D3.

Open source: Batavia

Example projects

Also in my spare time, I contribute to the open source project Batavia (part of the BeeWare project) which is a JavaScript implementation of the Python Virtual Machine. Python was the first language I learned, and I have been in love with it since my first print('Hello world'). BeeWare's aim to move Python to platforms including the browser, iOS, Android and everywhere else is incredibly inspiring to me. Furthermore, my work with a large open source project has given my the opportunity to learn and grow under the mentorship of many knowledgable, experienced developers.