Jacob Stoebel

Starting Again: Pomodoro App 2

One thing I am learning about learning is that there is value in qutting. In my pomodoro project I was encountering a lot of trouble with Apollo. Not so much with the technology itself , so much as I was having trouble finding answers to my problems along the way. Feeling frustrated, I took a step back to look at my priorities which are:

While it was fun to also get my hands dirty with Graphql and Apollo (and I did learn something!), I also don't want to spend a bunch of time looking for answers and not get anything done. Between picking up Typescript, Graphql, Apollo and Electron, I was doing a lot of that. So I decided to start over with a new stack:

This new setup combines something that's new, exciting and challengeing (Typescript) with some other technologies that I'm familier with (but can always use more experience with).

So here we go with my pomodoro app, attempt 2!